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What is Physiotherapy Centre Tosco-Umbro

The Centre Fisioterapico Tosco-Umbro is a private health center that operates in Valdichiana since 1995, the company is proud to celebrate 20 years of activity.


To those who entrust themselves to our care we present a modern and comfortable environment.


We offer performance profesisonali of physiotherapy and rehabilitation of high quality, supported by the means employed belonging to the last generation of technology, we provide also a constant support throughout the treatment period.


But the Center Tosco Umbro is not only physical therapy but a set of disciplines, including natural, which lead to the overall well-being, improving the quality of life.


Start a course of treatment with us is very simple, you can contact our administrative office or book an appointment on-line at www.centrofisioterapicotoscoumbro.com contact section.

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